Thousands of car accidents occur in Nebraska every year. Most of these accidents stem from driver negligence – preventable errors that lead to unnecessary personal injury or wrongful death. If you or a loved one is a recent auto accident victim, speak to a compassionate Lincoln car accident attorney at Powers Law as soon as you are able. Your collision may be grounds for a personal injury claim against another driver, negligent roadway maintenance crew, vehicle part manufacturer, or another party. Our lawyers can help you work through a car accident and understand your rights.

Car Accident Statistics in Nebraska

In 2016, there were approximately 34,439 fatal car accidents reported throughout the United States. Of those, 194 were reported in the state of Nebraska, resulting in 218 deaths. During the same year, the fatality rate in Nebraska was 11.4 compared to the national fatality rate of 11.6. While the national fatality rate has steadily increased since 2014, Nebraska has seen a decline since 2015. According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), this reduction can be attributed to improvements in roadway engineering, vehicle design, specific safety programs, enforcement, emergency medical services, and improved driver awareness.

Fatality Rates: National vs. Nebraska (2007-2016)

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When to Call a Car Accident Lawyer in Lincoln, NE

After an accident involving serious personal injury, insurance companies may contact you and try to convince you to sign a statement. They may offer a quick settlement in the hope that you will not pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible party. Before you accept an offer from insurance claims adjusters, know that they are not on your side. Their goal is to get you to settle as quickly and for as little as possible to save the insurance company money. In most cases, you can secure a larger award through a civil claim.

Speak to an attorney as soon as possible after a car accident in Nebraska. An experienced Lincoln personal injury lawyer can listen to the details of your accident and give you a professional opinion on whether your case has merit. If you decide to retain the attorney, he or she can take over communications with insurance companies, hospitals, and bill collectors so you can focus on what’s most important – healing. Your lawyer can help you pursue compensation for damages and move on after a major vehicle collision.

Potential Recovery for Your Vehicle Accident Injuries

With a talented and aggressive Lincoln car accident attorney, you improve your chances of proving the main elements necessary in a motor vehicle accident case. If you win your case, you can take home the damage recovery you need to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Damage recovery with a personal injury claim can include financial awards for:

  • Medical bills. This can include ambulance fees, doctor’s visits, consultations with specialists, medical equipment such as crutches or wheelchairs, physical and/or cognitive therapies, temporary or permanent disability, in-home care, and accident-related medications or surgeries.
  • Pain and suffering. You may also recover for intangible losses such as physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and mental anguish. If you lost a loved one in a car accident, recovery may include loss of consortium recovery – the loss of your loved one’s companionship, wisdom, and care.
  • Lost wages. If you had to miss days at work because of your car accident, you may be able to recover the wages you lost in that time. Lost wages can also include lost capacity to earn if you suffered a disability. The courts will grant this award based on an estimate of what you would have earned if the accident had not occurred.

Nebraska Car Accident Injuries (2007-2016)

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Compensation varies on a case-by-case basis. View our past case results for an idea of what is possible with a competent team of personal injury attorneys. Powers Law has 30-plus years of trial experience. We are aggressive attorneys who do not shy away from pursuing cases in the courtroom. We believe in taking the actions necessary for the best results for each individual car accident case.

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