Is Nebraska a No-Fault State?

Is Nebraska a No-Fault State? When a licensed driver carries no-fault insurance, it means that their insurance company will fully or partially cover the expenses incurred after an accident—no matter who is considered at-fault. In many states, no-fault insurance is a legal requirement, but that’s not the case in Nebraska. Since Nebraska is a comparative [...]

Understanding Nebraska’s Good Samaritan Law

Imagine you see someone who is hurt and desperate for medical help. There is no one around but you. It’s the type of situation where every minute counts. If you act immediately, the person may go on to live a healthy life. For strangers to provide such aid, they must never pause in fear of [...]


Protect your family. One of the most important protections for your family and you is to purchase at least $500,000 of uninsured and underinsured automobile insurance. When you are driving and you see a vehicle run a red light or speed through traffic changing lanes recklessly, odds are that driver has a low limits policy issued [...]

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